Music Study – Valuable Gift

This brief article lists several studies that highlight the value of music study during childhood.

As an aside, their bow hold shapers are pretty fabulous as well. I would always recommend students work to develop a bow hold on their own power, but there are times when physical issues or quirky emotional struggles emerge around the bow hold. When it’s time to set those things aside and get the student on to music making, give one of their bow hold shapers a try!

Confirming the Benefits of Early Music Lessons

This article sheds light on truths Early Childhood Music teachers have long known. Music study in childhood is a decidedly good thing!

I especially love this quote that states that the benefits are not so much in relation to the so-called ‘Mozart Effect,’ but relate more to the process involved in the study of music.

“Instead, these are studies of the effects of active engagement and discipline. This kind of musical training improves the brain’s ability to discern the components of sound — the pitch, the timing and the timbre.”

The bulk of my professional work is to create an environment that promotes active engagement and discipline. This is exciting to read!